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Episode 33

Published on:

9th Jun, 2019

Episode 32

Published on:

1st Jun, 2019

Episode 30

Published on:

22nd May, 2019

Episode 31

Published on:

19th May, 2019

Episode 29

Published on:

1st May, 2019

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About the Podcast

Slip Into The Fray with Lyric and Fingers
Lyric and Fingers are both sex maniacs.
This sexy duo explore all kind of sexual topics and taboos ... nothing is off limits.
They bounce ideas and experiences off each other like rubber bands, add nipple clamps and ropes and you've got a party.
Lyric's bedtime stories are hot and steamy, guests drop in from time to time to hang out, contests, quizzes.. no judgment, just tips for you to explore.

Open up your mind and leave your inhibitions behind.
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