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Episode 22

Published on:

24th Feb 2019


Goo Gone

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Goo Gone does that mean??? It means, you have a cling on, a groupie maybe - someone you are tired of hanging onto you like you're a climbing wall ... well, fun times are about to begin. Tune in and turn with Lyric and Fingers. Warning 18+
Sponsored by HedonismII Negril Jamaica.
Music by The Twitch Strathcona HEAD
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Episode 21

Published on:

18th Feb 2019


Episode 20

Published on:

10th Feb 2019


House Of Dolls

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Slip into the Fray with Lyric and Fingers

Kristen from House of Dolls is on the show ... hot from her booth at Taboo Naughty but Nice Show in Vancouver. Get the skinny on sex dolls from Kristen, Lyric and Fingers chime in with what they've heard and of course ... some sic rock music.
Sponsored by Hedonism Resorts - where your pleasure, is their passion. 18+
Find House of Dolls here...
House of Dolls Inc. 
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Episode 19

Published on:

3rd Feb 2019


Taboo 2

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Super excited to be chatting with Kevin Blackburn from Taboo Naughty but Nice show sex show.  Yes, coming to Vancouver Feb 8th.... find out all the details and join us there 

Plus we talk about the top sexual taboos and there's a quiz... you can play along ;)

Sponsored by Hedonism II Negril Jamaica.

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Episode 18

Published on:

28th Jan 2019


I've Been Fingered

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Slip into the Fray with Lyric and Fingers. I've been Fingered.

Tune in and turn on.  Some insane clips from the past, that will leave you rolling in the aisles or tugging at your sex parts.  That's how the show rolls.

Sponsored by Hedonism Resorts Warning 18+

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Slip Into The Fray with Lyric and Fingers
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Slip into the Fray wants to be your dirty little secret. The show is rated R and is hosted by Lyric from the Vancouver rock band HEAD. Lyric's naughty hour each week has a sexy theme and mixes rock music with steamy sex talk. Lyric welcomes special guests and a segment called "Rant of the Week" by co-host Fingers, is a commentary on things that piss him off in the city.
Lyric says what she wants to say and plays what she wants to play.
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