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Episode 27

Published on:

20th Apr 2019



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Sextortion .. it's a real thing. It refers to a form of blackmail ... sexual information or images are used to extort sexual favours from the victim Are you a victim?? Are you thinking about sextorting someone? Lyric and Fingers will explore this subject and more....
Tune in and turn on ... sex talk with rock.
Warning 18+
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Theme music by HEAD

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Music by Borg Queen, Ted Axe, Toque and Newtierra

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Episode 26

Published on:

9th Apr 2019


Facts Evasion

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Facts Evasion - you know what we're talking about. Is omission the same as lying??? 
Lyric and Fingers have their opinion ... they'll share it with you on this show plus time for a long awaited Layla story.  Get the lube ready!

Slip into the Fray is "Sex talk with Rock" ... some of the sickest indie rock on the planet.
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Tune in and turn on at 9 PM PST every Saturday night.

Episode 25

Published on:

25th Mar 2019


Pissing Off Your X

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Pissing off your ex...Do you really want to go there...they know a lot of s**t about you and could make you the topic at many parties if they want to....but if you want to, we’ll help you with some insane ideas. Just don't tell them we gave you the ideas.
Sex talk with rock and some of the sickest indie rock on the planet.
Sponsored by Hedonism II Negril Jamaica Hedonism Resorts and Pacific Northwest Radio
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Episode 24

Published on:

18th Mar 2019



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You need some info on someone? Worried they may not be who they say they are???
Lyric and Fingers will teach you how to dig up the dirt, Slip into the Fray style.
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Music by Mounties, HEAD, Silence the Machine, Striker
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Episode 23

Published on:

3rd Mar 2019


The French Tickler

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Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir ??? 
Tonight's show is the French tickler, ah yes want to go to France, Lyric and Fingers will give you some tips on how to enjoy your sexy vacation .. that and much more tonight
Tune in and turn on at 9 pm pst. Warning 18+
Sponsored by HedonismII Negril Jamaica.
Hedonism Resorts 
Music by HEAD Ted Axe Drew McKay Limblifter

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