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2nd Jan 2017



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Warning Explicit Content. 18+

Lyric loves to kiss. Slow kissing, wet kissing, hard passionate all adds up to really hot and heavy foreplay and you know where that leads. Moisturize your lips, pucker up because Lyric is going to discuss kissing in all it's glory. Mixing sex talk with rock. Co host Fingers is in the house with Rant of the Week.


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About the Podcast

Slip Into The Fray with Lyric and Fingers
Sex Talk with Rock
Slip into the Fray wants to be your dirty little secret. The show is rated R and is hosted by Lyric from the Vancouver rock band HEAD. Lyric's naughty hour each week has a sexy theme and mixes rock music with steamy sex talk. Lyric welcomes special guests and a segment called "Rant of the Week" by co-host Fingers, is a commentary on things that piss him off in the city.
Lyric says what she wants to say and plays what she wants to play.
Warning...explicit content. This show is for lovers of sex and rock

Open up your mind and leave your inhibitions behind.
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