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Episode 8

Published on:

16th Feb 2020

I'll do me, you do you

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Mutual masturbation. Yes, it's a beautiful thing. You should try it sometime. If you want to do something different, add lube and dildos and you've got a party.

Join Lyric and Fingers in the dungeon, with guest Stone.

Weiners and Boobies, what is that you say, you'll find out.

Tune in and turn on.

Episode 7

Published on:

30th Jan 2020

Control - yin and yang

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Controlling someone because you're an asshole is bad ...controlling someone sexually for fun is good.

Have you every been complimented on your blow job skills? Write in and tell us about it and win a used pair of Lyric's chaturbate underwear.

Fingers drills feet again ... and again and again.

Episode 6

Published on:

12th Jan 2020

Things To Find In Your Ass and "Desperation".

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New year’s resolution? What about ... don’t seem desperate!

You’re in a new relationship and really really like them, but maybe you’re coming on too strong, too fast.

The juicer, Lyric and Fingers will give you pointers on making ass martinis.

Episode 5

Published on:

27th Dec 2019

It's Okay To Be Different

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Lyric and Fingers, the dynamic duo say, "it's okay to be different". it makes the world a canvas of a million colours ... if everyone was the same, how boring would that be...

Episode 4

Published on:

2nd Dec 2019

Do You Measure Up?

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Lyric and Fingers, the dynamic duo investigates "measuring up?

Do you feel less than? Stop right now ... you rock sexy #measureup 

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